About Potter's House

about potters house - smallabout potters houseIn the heart of Guatemala City is the largest dump in Latin America. More than 11,000 people live and work in and near the dump, and nearly 6,500 of them are children. Even by other Guatemalans, they are treated as little better than the garbage that shapes their existence, which in turn leads them to believe that they are the refuse of the world. Potter's House Association is a Christian non-profit organization that exists to change the living situation for these thousands, because they are human beings, beloved children of the one true God, worthy of respect and dignity. They are Treasures of immeasurable worth, both to our Lord Jesus Christ and to us.

We have a rich history of turning things around for these Treasures—24 years of service to some of the most beautiful and hard-working people in Central America. We share with them the love of God and empower them to turn their lives around—both for themselves and their children. We help them dream of a better life, then equip them to make those dreams reality. With the help of our partners around the world, we are changing the lives of thousands of these Treasures.


Our Vision and Mission


One day not even one Treasure will scavenge in all of beautiful Guatemala.


To provide holistic opportunities for scavenger families by equipping them to be able to develop and transform their lives, families, and community


  • Assist: To offer humanitarian aid and assistance to those who cannot help themselves, especially the children and the elderly

  • Develop: To equip the Treasures to develop and become confident, competent, and self-sustaining

  • Empower: To provide resources for the Treasures to participate in the solution to their personal, familial, communal, and national problems