God Cares About the Poor

God Cares BannerMy journey of service to the more than 11,000 people who live around and depend on the garbage dump began when I was 11 years old. I started as a volunteer and soon became part of the staff. It hasn’t been easy to be surrounded by so much poverty, but I know it was God who brought me here.

For many years, people have asked Gladys, Edgar and me and other staff members, “What keeps you here? What has made you continue serving the Treasures of the Guatemala City garbage dump?”

Hector and the TreasuresThe answer is that we care about the Treasures because God cares, and He has chosen you and me to do His work and speak for him. It is easy to say but it is not easy to do.

We at Potter’s House are witnesses to the fact that God has not forgotten about the poor. Through your love and support, He has shown them that He is with them even in their darkest and most desperate moments.

For many Treasures it is really hard to understand that God cares about them because they don’t see how their lives could be part of a perfect plan. That is where you and Potter’s House, working together, come in.

Carmen RodriguezCarmen Rodriguez has been working in the dump since she was 4. She and her husband risk their lives daily to provide food for their little daughter. Carmen’s entire family also scavenges for a living. She says that when they go to work each day, they never know for sure whether they will return home, but on August 29th 2012, Carmen came closer to death than ever before. “I heard someone shout, –‘Get out!” and I immediately knew that meant a trash-slide. But when I started to run, my foot got stuck in the garbage, and I fell. As I was lying there, I could feel the ground tremble, and for a moment I thought I would never see my little daughter again.Then my husband’s uncles, came and carried me out of the dump.”

 “I limped slowly all the way home, because my foot hurt so much. Then, when I arrived at my house, I saw that my bed and  all of our possessions were soaked because of the flood and our leaky roof. It was a difficult day.”


PHA Staff delivering lunchesMany Treasures told us that they felt abandoned and worthless after this experience. But when they returned home, they found the PHA staff visiting their houses, praying for them and giving them food, clothing, blankets and basic medical care, right there, right when they needed it most.

This was for them a clear message from the Lord saying:

You are not abandoned...I care about you!

God has been good to you and me. Now it is our privilege to continue sharing with others from what we have received from Him.

We will continue sharing more about God´s heart for the poor. This is just the beginning of an amazing journey. We would love you to be part of it…so be ready to check your inbox!

We invite you to continue working with us through your prayers, volunteer time, and financial support.

May the Lord bless your life.  ¡Cristo Vive!


 Hector Rivas Director


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